About Us

What We Do

Animal House Birds of Prey is based in Scarborough and specialises in the rescue and rehabilitation of birds of prey. 

We not only take in injured wild birds with the aim of releasing them back into the wild once they have recovered but we also take in unwanted and neglected captive bred birds.

In the UK it is becoming increasingly more popular for people to have birds of prey as pets. Unfortunately a lot of these people have had no previous experience with raptors and therefore have no knowledge of the care these birds need from aviary sizes to diet and weight management. Due to the lack of knowledge and expense of their housing needs, these birds can become very sick very quickly and live in states of neglect. We aim to never turn away a bird of prey that need a our help

How It All Began

Our founder Cynthia Buckroyd began rescuing animals at the tender age of 8 and dedicated her whole life to the rescue and rehabilitation of all aspects of wildlife. Over the years she worked tirelessly, rescuing thousands of animals, funding the care of the solely from her own pocket and taking on the mammoth task of caring for all the animals with just the help of close friends and family, not only through the day but every three to four hours through the night to feed young orphaned animals too. 

In 2011 Cynthia passed away suddenly leaving behind a great void in not only the lives of her family but also in the lives of the animals which needed her. Determined to carry on the re in Cynthia's memory, her son Trevor, took over the day to day running of the business sacrificing his own business in the process.

Trevor now runs the rescue in the same vain as his mother, giving up all his time for no wage so as to ensure any money raised goes to the upkeep of the animals. With the help of his partner Kelly and cousin Kayleigh along with a small number of trusted family and friends as volunteers they spend their spare time fundraising to keep Animal House going and Cynthia's legacy live on.